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On our way to Christ Hospital the day Kate was born, a rainbow appeared in the sky before us and made an arc that seemed to end right at the hospital. When Kate was little I used to tell her about the rainbow, how it was visible during the entire journey to the hospital and that I believed she must have slid down the rainbow from heaven to come to me! What she probably doesn’t know is just how much I actually believed it might be true… and that the longer I know her, the more I believe it!

My-daughter-the-actress... doing what comes naturally, as Vladimir in "Waiting for Godot"

Happy birthday Katherine! You’ve grown from my sweet and sparkly baby girl to a lovely and vivacious young woman of 23… and though I couldn’t be there with you this time around, I’m so happy your brother could make the trip to L.A.! Have a great day and a magical year!


Yesterday was a sad day for Eoin and me because my daughter, Kate, headed back to Chicago after spending a week with us in Kilkee.

The actress hams it up at the fireside.

Kate’s enthusiasm and the delight she takes in her surroundings – from admiring the grandeur of the cliffs to the tiniest details, like the cup her tea is served in – makes her a kindred spirit and we have great fun together! We laughed our way through The Burren in search of The Burren Perfumery; scared ourselves investigating a holy well at the side of a dark, country road; walked along cliffs and admired the ever-changing views of the sea; took countless drives around Loop Head on bright Irish summer evenings; marvelled at dolphins and ruins; and explored the Pollock Holes – cringing at sea creatures, which Eoin handled with ease.

Kate's "eww" face

We oohed and ahhed over beautiful scenery, baby animals in fields, Irish pottery and handcrafts, cozy, quaint tea shops and even the perfect shade of blue paint that trimmed the windows of a stone cottage!

During our long journey through The Burren in search of the Perfumery, I joked that the three of us were “Thelma and Louise – and Bart Simpson”!

…well Louise, Bart and I had a great time exploring West Clare and sharing the cottage with you and hope you come back again and again! Slán abhaile a Kate!

"Louise" and "Bart" having tea at the quaintest tea shop in The Burren.



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