On our way to Christ Hospital the day Kate was born, a rainbow appeared in the sky before us and made an arc that seemed to end right at the hospital. When Kate was little I used to tell her about the rainbow, how it was visible during the entire journey to the hospital and that I believed she must have slid down the rainbow from heaven to come to me! What she probably doesn’t know is just how much I actually believed it might be true… and that the longer I know her, the more I believe it!

My-daughter-the-actress... doing what comes naturally, as Vladimir in "Waiting for Godot"

Happy birthday Katherine! You’ve grown from my sweet and sparkly baby girl to a lovely and vivacious young woman of 23… and though I couldn’t be there with you this time around, I’m so happy your brother could make the trip to L.A.! Have a great day and a magical year!