"The GHOSTS" poster

Although the theme of the bog blog is mainly focused upon Ireland and my cottage related experiences there, today with my daughter’s permission, I am posting the link to an Independent Film Short that recently premiered in L.A..

The GHOSTS “A Teenage Fever Dream”

… has absolutely nothing to do with Ireland, but I will justify posting it here by pointing out the combination of the very Irish name of its filmmaker, Eddie O’Keefe, and the fact that my daughter, Kate, is the female lead and narrator …as if a mother needs a reason to post her daughter’s movie on her blog!

*UPDATE*  To make the movie download quicker and thus, less jumpy, after going to the link place your curser over the lower right hand portion of the video and HD should appear. If you click on that HD the high definition will shut off and the video should play better. Click “HD” and “HD is off” should appear on the screen.

**UPDATE** A password may now be requested in order to watch the film- shhhhh – it’s “cicadas”.