My morning mocha in Kilkee... when iced is not on the menu it's best to have it hot!

While I’m in Kilkee, this is my coffee shop – the patio of the Diamond Rocks Cafe, overlooking the Pollock Holes and the sea, with a great view of the northern part of the bay of Kilkee Beach. I don’t often take a photo of my morning mocha, but this seemed a moment worth capturing! That mocha was the beginning of a day of discovery that had me saying, “Thank you”, silently in my head many times.

Mocha finished, I decided to make the most of the morning and get a bit of exercise by walking along the path called the Cliff Walk, which runs south of the bay along the rocky Atlantic coastline.

The Cliff Walk path

The path passes the Cafe and is visible in the distance going up a sharp incline to the tallest point of the cliffs. Determined to make it up to the top, I set off with exercise on my mind! However, the breathtaking beauty of my surroundings soon pushed away all thoughts of exercise. Quite suddenly, I had an overwhelming sense of wonder at the realization that we had somehow, unwittingly, chosen a humble cottage that is situated so close to such grandeur. Was this just dumb luck, or was it providence? Although we were well aware that our cottage is next to a quaint town with a lovely beach and we knew many of the wonderful sights of West Clare, such as the Burren and the Cliffs of Moher were just a short drive away, we were completely unaware of the treasures that lie in our own “backyard”! I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude as I walked along the curving pathway that brought me past one panoramic view after another of magnificent rocky cliffs and reefs with Atlantic waves crashing far below. And as I breathlessly made it up the last steep trek to the top of the highest cliff, I looked back at the path I had just walked upon and out to the wide expanse of the sea before me, with tears in my eyes and goosebumps on my arms, knowing that all this was now, in some small way,  mine.

Next shore... America...