The outbuilding in our back garden being swallowed by green!

Summer – so to speak – has arrived in County Clare. Although the weather doesn’t indicate it, the growth of the foliage around the cottage shows that summer has taken place in the months since our last visit. Green is everywhere! When we arrived from Dublin last Tuesday evening, we were quite shocked to see that Rose Cottage and its outbuildings had been nearly swallowed up by long, wild grass, weeds and nettles… with a sprinkle of wildflowers for good measure! Some of this overgrowth has even invaded the “stone garden” along the front of the house. Adding insult to injury, the bit of brush clearing Anton accomplished the night before we left last April, just before the ghosts, or fairies, paraded past to have their photo taken (see Ghosts and Piseog in Ireland, April 25, 2010), has been completely undone, as though it had never been touched by hedge clippers… perhaps the fairies had the last laugh by returning everything to “normal” in our absence.

Although Declan thought he might get a bit of satisfaction from renting a hedge trimmer to clear the brush, the man who works at our Kilkee hardware store, the one whose brother lives in Naperville, suggested, “wouldn’t it be better to just hire someone to clear it for you?” It didn’t take much persuasion to convince Declan that this was the best option, so he phoned Michael, a local man recommended for the job. We are hoping that Michael will stop by tomorrow to have a look and give us an estimate for doing the work, and that soon we will have Rose Cottage looking loved again… fairies or no fairies!