Actually, I’ll be back in mid August, but being away for the summer reminded me of that great song, “See You in September”!

We’re flying to Ireland today, and still, clothes are in piles on the living room sofa and not yet in suitcases! But it will all get finished and we’ll soon be on our way to meet up with The Traveling Butter Dish (see February 18th post), which is waiting for us in Naas, County Kildare, with its companions, the Nicholas Mosse pitcher and sugar bowl and their British friend, the Brown Betty teapot! Unable to fit these items safely into our luggage on the last trip, I finally sent them in the post to the home of a friend who was nice enough to hold them for us. It will be good to finally have these bits of pottery in the cottage, but then I must force myself to forget the folly, and high cost, of shipping these items back across the pond on a second voyage!

In spite of the excitement of looking forward to our first summer in Kilkee, I’ve been a bit sad lately because, after making these plans, I recently found out that my daughter will be moving to L.A. at the end of August. The prospect of being away so long, just before Kate would be leaving Chicago, cast a shadow over our plans. However, the good news is that she will be joining us at Rose Cottage for a week at the end of July! I am so happy to have the opportunity to show her the cottage, Kilkee Town and Loop Head, the way I was able to do so with Anton in April, and I am also grateful to have this time with her before she forges ahead with her exciting future!

We are hoping to get wireless broadband up and running at the cottage within the first two weeks of our stay. This will be essential for the use of Skype and will also allow me to keep in touch via Blogging from the Bog, with posts and photos. However, it will be no surprised if acquiring broadband in a cottage in the West of Ireland turns out to be an experience worthy of its own blog post!

I wish everyone a safe and happy summer! … meanwhile… back to packing!

Slán go fóill….  and I’ll See You in September…..