Leaving the country for six weeks is a big deal that entails a lot of planning and tying up of loose ends. Bills to pay and organize; clothing to gather, wash and pack; prescriptions to fill; guinea pigs to farm out; hair to cut; a house to clean; extra keys made and distributed; instructions given to those staying behind…  and, most importantly, adult children to see as much of as possible so that I may soak them up and bring them along in spirit, if not in person.

With life’s occasions – such as end of school year events, birthdays, graduations, Father’s Day and the aftermath of violent thunder storms – all unwilling to step aside for a bit of trip planning, a lot has been left until the last-minute and therefore there is still much to do. So, for both procrastination and inspiration, I was cruising YouTube for some of my favorite Irish tunes in hopes that they will inspire me to get a move on so that there is not chaos the last couple of days before we leave for Ireland. While on my search for inspiration, I ran across one of my favorite Irish songs…

“The Homes of Donegal” was written around 1955 by a Donegal school teacher, Seán McBride, with the melody probably dating back 150 years or more. This version is beautifully performed by Paul Brady. Perhaps this lovely song, combined with the Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade that Declan just brought home to me, will do the trick and I will tie up a few loose ends tonight before bedtime. Wish me luck!