Lately, this blog has been more about family events than anything else. It cannot be helped because in our family, spring is teeming with all the males’ birthdays. Add to the birthdays, a college graduation, and we have been very busy! So, I am sure folks can understand that under the circumstances, bean an tí – the woman of the house – has recently been short of time for her blog!

Father and son taking it easy at Klein Creek Farm in West Chicago, Illinois.

Well, today is another big day in our household. Like most other families, we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day, however in Declan’s case, today is also his birthday! So in the spirit of a double-header, we are celebrating both Declan’s birthday and Father’s Day! Therefore, today is Declan’s Day!

Happy Birthday, to an Irishman whose courage helped him defy middle age by moving away from the land of his birth and leaving all the familiar and comfortable trappings of Dublin – along with 4 weeks paid holiday leave and many bank holidays – for the American rat race, dealing with culture shock and weather shock, so that he could be with us!


Happy Father’s Day, to a man who often finds himself occupied with various activities, which may be unusual for a man of a certain age, such as playing soccer with his 8-year-old son and the neighbor children in the back yard, or swimming with his son at the local pool during family swim, or battling in DS video games against an 8-year-old son who can’t get enough of these battles – when it would feel much more natural, as well as easier on his back, to relax and take a snooze in his hammock, which sits waiting in vain in the back garden!

Happy Declan’s Day, Declan! …. and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!