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When making the long journey across the Atlantic, or taking any long flight, be sure to bring along a person of height, say 6 foot 7 inches, as well as a person of limited age, in this case a 7-year-old.

My recent flights to and from Ireland for our seven days in Kilkee last week, were probably the most enjoyable and comfortable of all the trips back and forth across the pond I have made in the last eleven years. This is true, in spite of the fact that my 7-year-old succumbed, yet again, to air sickness on the trip over. First of all, having a son along for the trip who is 6 foot 7 inches tall and who, following my instructions, stretched upright to his full height while standing next to me as I requested bulkhead seats, gave us the leverage we needed for the best seats economy class has to offer! However, I must add here that it is paramount to arrive early to the airport to acquire this much sought after, bulkhead seating. I am not 6’7″, but at 5’7″ I am tall enough to suffer within the usual seating offered and cannot express fully my joy at being able to stretch my legs out completely on the two flights, which ranged from 6 3/4 to 8 1/4 hours in length. Also, being able to stand upright in front of my seat when rummaging through my carry-on case for a squashed Luna bar or my neck pillow was a real delight!

But my oldest son wasn’t the only person who provided the leverage needed to upgrade from the usual discomfort that comes with flight travel these days, my 7-year-old served his purpose as well. “Those traveling with young children” is music to my ears and allowed us the VIP treatment of being at the front of the line when boarding, a privilege that cannot be taken lightly on a long trip. Boarding first guaranteed all the overhead space we needed directly above our VIP seating that made access to our carry-on luggage all the more convenient as we stood upright in front of our roomy seats!

As I mentioned earlier, I still had the misfortune to hold a “barf-bag” on yet another trip to Ireland. However, I have become such a pro at this task that I managed to carry it out with such finesse, that I nearly expected the thankful flight attendants to applaud!