The Loop Head by Carsten Krieger -

This magnificent vista lies just a short drive from Rose Cottage.

Loop Head Peninsula, a wild and historic piece of Ireland situated at the south-west corner of County Clare, is a treasure I only first heard of on the day we viewed the cottage with Mossie, our auctioneer. Before this, I was well acquainted with most of the rugged West Clare coastline, the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren, but it wasn’t until we had signed the closing papers in Dublin and were finally in Kilkee, that we had the opportunity to make the journey into Loop Head.

Our short visit to Ireland last November for the final walk through and closing, coincided with a recent barrage of record rainfall and floods. But with the first break in the rain, we made our way into the peninsula and down to the very tip of Loop Head where we found a working lighthouse and a breathtaking view. We could hardly believe our good fortune, that this place existed a mere 15-20 minute drive from Rose Cottage!

That day we stood windblown and careful to keep a safe distance from the rocky edge watching turbulent weather approach, appearing like the fabled mists written of in tales of Avalon, and threatening to swallow us up if we stayed too long.

That day I resolved to send all Rose Cottage visitors to this very spot on their first excursion for their first taste of what West Clare has to offer.