Below, I am sharing a letter that was in the Letters section of the Irish Times a few days ago from a man expressing his concern about how the Irish flag, the Tricolour, is painted on the Ryanair fleet. I think it is a good example of the quirky letters sometimes found in that paper. In addition, for anyone interested in reading the paper online, I am inserting a link to, below the letter. Reading the Irish Times is not only a good way to check out what’s going on in Ireland, it is an excellent source of World News. And as a bonus, like reading any major European newspaper, it offers a different and valuable perspective on U.S. news.

Madam, – I flew from Dublin to Gatwick before Christmas, a rare event. I do not like flying. As a consequence, I may be more conscious of what is happening around me.

As the aircraft taxied out for take-off, we passed a number of Ryanair aircraft and I noticed that the Tricolour painted on the fuselage was correct on one side of the Ryanair aircraft but back-to-front on the other, port and starboard. There may be some good reason why Ryanair has it arseways on one side of its fleet.

Am I the only one who cares? – Yours, etc,


Bunbeg Harbour,


Co Donegal.

(To start at the actual front page of the paper, once you click on the above link, just click on “Today’s Paper” below the banner.)