I was just in the kitchen about to use our brutal weather as an excuse to indulge in a Hot Whiskey. This is a classic Irish drink that was introduced to me in a Dublin pub on one of those cold, wet Irish nights when the dampness seems to rise up out of the ground and into your feet, soaking through the skin and into the bones. However, just as I was about to reach for the Jameson, I got to thinking about all of the nice people who have been dropping by the ‘Bog Blog’ throughout this first week, some even being kind enough to leave a comment or two. I wish I could make each and every one of you a Hot Whiskey to keep you warm on this cold, cold night. But since that is impossible, I’ll do the next best thing… here’s the recipe!

Hot Whiskey

2 oz Irish whiskey

2-4 cloves

1 slice of fresh lemon

1 tsp sugar (white or brown)

About a cup of boiling water

Pour the whiskey into a heatproof glass or mug (in the pubs they use a glass, at home I prefer a mug). Add your sugar. Insert the cloves into the rind of the lemon slice and add to the whiskey/sugar mixture. Finish off with boiling water and stir gently to dissolve the sugar. Serve immediately while piping hot. Serves one.